elain_in_erfurt.jpg (26616 Byte)" Dear Lutz, Hello from Laguna Beach, California!  You made my visit to Erfurt very enjoyable and productive.  I was delighted with the genealogy research that you did for me that traced my family tree back three centuries.  It was wonderful to see the actual house where my ancestors lived and the church where they worshiped.  And the best part was meeting distant cousins and sharing old photographs and family stories.  Thank you so much for your help. Cheers,
Elaine L., Laguna Beach, California, USA"
picture: Mrs. Elaine L. in front of the Monumental Fountain, which is located at the western end of Erfurt's Anger, which was and is the city's chief street

sightseeing with an American Lady client & tourist
- Mrs. Elain L. -
in her ancestors' footsteps in Erfurt-Stotternheim village conducted by Mr. Volland (left)

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