Dear Lutz:
I have received this date the letter and the page from the Kirch by post. If there is further need for you to contact the Kirch again I will e-mail you...Much Thanks, MAC

I shall be more than glad to provide you with a letter in "testimony" as to your  efforts on my behalf, in connection with my genealogical research on the M... Family from A....
I may say that it is my most sincere feeling that without your efforts on my behalf  the Kirch would have NEVER sent me the materials I had been promised previously by the Kirch staff. In spite of the agreement by the Kirch, to send me the promised material, and despite many months of own my personal attempts to get the needed information... and many, many e-mails and letters, between myself and the Kirch, I strongly feel that I would NEVER have been mailed the information without your help to "smooth" things out.

 Please feel free to use this note, as a reference, in the future, and my e-mail address, should someone here in the USA want to contact me (...).

 Most Sincerely, Earl C... King William, VA USA

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