"Dear Mr Volland
I have just received the translation of the research emailed to me, and am quite overcome with joy! THANK YOU for all your work.
I have a question - is the mill still operational? If not, is the building still there? Also, is the house ... still exisiting? If so, do you think the owners would let me visit?
Another question - is the Protestant-Lutheran church still there, and can I visit it?
So many questions! - you can see how excited I am!
Kindest regards,
M. M., Indooroopilly, Q'ld, Australia"


"Hello Mr. Volland!
Yes, we returned to Australia this week after an excellent trip. We really appreciated your assistance in Erfurt (remark of the tour guide: as well as Wartburg Castle near Eisenach City and Buchenwald Memorial near Weimar City). We saw so much, and yet I would like to return some time in the future. My regards to your wife (sorry we didn't meet her). I hope you like the photo! Best wishes, Margaret (and Jim),
Indooroopilly, Q'ld, Australia"

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