Erfurt's Highlights
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- Erfurt's Highlights -

Martin Luther as Monk in ErfurtVisit the historic site where
Dr. Martin Luther took his vows and became a monk, where he was ordained as a priest, and where he lived, first as a young man and then as a monk.

door of Erfurt's Stockfish House

Tour the beautiful
1250 Year Old City of Erfurt.

Erfurt Cathedral

See its Cathedral.

Erfurt's world-famous Merchants' Bridge (Kraemerbruecke)

Explore Erfurt's world-famous Merchants' Bridge (Krämerbrücke).

AD 1181 of our Lord in Erfurt's St. Peter's Church: Henry the Lion pledges allegiance to Emperor Henry I Barbarossa

Enjoy the famous paintings that adorn the walls inside Erfurt's Town Hall. 

Europe's largest flower bed - Erfurt's Market Gardening Exhibition ega

Smell its Flowers.

Erfurt's Citadel Petersberg

"Conquer" Erfurt's Fortress.

Provincal Governor's Residence in Erfurt

Stand before the Palace where the famous meeting between Goethe and Napoleon took place.

Erfurt's Merchants' Church (Kaufmannskirche)

Spend some time in the Merchants' Church (Kaufmannskirche), where over many years no less than 61 members of the illustrious Bach musical family were baptized.

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